One Piece: The 25 Best Fights In The Series, Ranked


  • The fight between Trafalgar Law and the Blackbeard Pirates generated incredible excitement, even though much of the battle was skipped over. It remains one of the most thrilling fights in the Final Saga of One Piece.
  • The combined forces of Kid and Law in their fight against Big Mom had some downsides, such as Big Mom’s underutilization of her powerful Haki. However, the action sequences were still decent and kept some fans engaged.
  • Luffy’s rematch against Lucci in the final saga was not only nostalgic for fans, but it also showcased Luffy’s superiority and his newly awakened Devil Fruit power. This fight ranks as one of the very best in One Piece.

Eiichiro Oda’s long-enduring manga and anime One Piece is quite easily one of the most captivating stories ever written and with the incredible careful story writing and worldbuilding, it’s not a surprise to see it as popular as it is today. Being a shonen manga, One Piece has had its fair share of fights.

Even though they aren’t the biggest selling point of the series, they’re incredible nonetheless. Over the years, Luffy and his crew have been in countless battles and they’ve delivered some incredible action for the fans to enjoy. Among the swordfights and swashbuckling the series has to offer, here are some of the best battles in the series.

Updated on October 23, 2023, by Rei Penber: One Piece is heating up with each passing chapter and the story is currently in the Final Saga, where Luffy and Straw Hat Pirates are now closer to the grand treasure of the One Piece than ever before. With the Final Saga now upon the fans, it is a given that the intensity of the story is going to be even higher. Fans have seen some of the very best fights in One Piece’s final saga already and they will most likely continue to witness more amazing clashes. There are a lot of tremendous fights in One Piece, however, the best One Piece fights are those that grip the fans and keep them glued to the edge of their seats. While this list already goes over the vast majority of the best One Piece fights, there are others that deserve a mention of their own and with that, the list has been updated.

25 Blackbeard Pirates Versus Heart Pirates

Blackbeard Pirates versus the Heart Pirates took place after the events of Wano Country. After Trafalgar Law left Wano, Blackbeard intercepted him on the seas and the two ended up clashing on Winner Island. On this island, Law and Blackbeard clashed and the former actually held his own very well against the Yonko. By using his Awakened Devil Fruit powers, Law was able to hurt Blackbeard quite seriously.

Sadly, much of the fight was skipped over and fans only got to see the aftermath of their battle. It was revealed that Blackbeard had triumphed over Law. While the full fight was never seen, the excitement that the clash generated was incredible. It remains to be one of the most exciting fights in One Piece in the Final Saga.

24 Kid And Law Versus Big Mom

Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid combined their forces to find Yonko Big Mom in the Wano Country arc of One Piece. This fight was a big hit and a miss for many fans, simply because of how Oda chose to handle Big Mom in this fight. While the action and the new abilities that Law and Kid displayed were certainly very intriguing and exciting, the downsides of the fight came from Big Mom’s side. Despite being a Yonko, Big Mom barely utilized her powerful Haki, which didn’t make much sense, throughout the fight.

In fact, her inability to use Conqueror’s Haki seemed way too convenient for both Law and Kid. What’s more, both Law and Kid seemed to be invulnerable to any damage that she threw their way and it took away tension from the fight. Nonetheless, some action sequences throughout the fight were certainly decent and while it is by no means the best One Piece fight, for some fans, it does the job.

23 Luffy Versus Lucci (Rematch)

Luffy ended up fighting against Lucci once again in the final saga of One Piece. When Luffy arrived on Egghead Island, it was made pretty clear shortly afterwards that the CP0 were headed to the same place. However, their goal was not to target the Straw Hat Pirates. Instead, they were gunning for Dr. Vegapunk for reasons of their own.

When Lucci attacked a body of Dr. Vegapunk, namely Atlas, Luffy was enraged and the two broke into a fight shortly afterwards. What was surprising for the fans was the fact that Luffy entered his Nika state immediately, and Rob Lucci displayed his newly Awakened Devil Fruit powers as well. The two clashed for quite some time and Luffy proved to be completely superior to him in every way, as is expected of a Yonko. Nonetheless, Oda also threw in some callbacks to their first fight from Enies Lobby and, it goes without saying that this fight was extremely nostalgic for the fans. For this reason, this clash is certainly one of the very best fights in One Piece in the Final Saga.

22 Luffy vs Kizaru

Luffy recently traded blows with Kizaru and this proved to be one of the most intense fights in the Final Saga so far. Initially, Luffy engaged him in Snakeman, however, and that proved to not be enough, so he turned to Gear 5. Gear 5 was more than enough for Kizaru and it kept him at bay, even though Luffy was not actively trying to best him in combat.

His only goal was to keep the others alive while they made their preparations and he succeeded in doing that. At the end of the fight, shortly before Gear 5 ran out, Luffy landed a powerful blow called White Star Gun on Kizaru and completely knocked him down. Kizaru was put in a state where he couldn’t stand up and Luffy was, undoubtedly, the victor of the fight.

21 Zoro Vs Ryuma

Zoro fought against Ryuma in the Thriller Bark arc of One Piece. This arc can’t be everyone’s favorite, however, the fights that it featured were certainly amazing. One of the very best fights that the fans saw in this saga was the one between Zoro and Ryuma. In order to retrieve Brooks’ shadow, Zoro confronted the zombie samurai, and this battle, although short-lived, was an incredible one with high intensity.

At the end of it, Zoro defeated Ryuma and, as a gift, he received Shusui from him. Zoro later took this sword to Wano and returned it to the people, and in exchange, he received the famed blade Enma.

20 Whitebeard Vs Akainu

Whitebeard versus Akainu was a short-lived fight, however, it is certainly one of the best ones in One Piece. This fight came directly after Ace ended up dying and Whitebeard was enraged.

Despite having holes in his chest and one foot in the grave, Whitebeard still took on the strongest Admiral and absolutely demolished him in combat, breaking all of his bones and sending him crashing down below the surface of Marineford. Of course, Akainu returned later on, however, Whitebeard absolutely destroyed him in this fight and proved himself to be the victor.

19 Yamato Versus Kaido

Yamato was introduced to the fans in the Wano Country country arc and she played quite an important role throughout it. When Luffy was knocked out by Kaido, shortly after learning the ability to infuse Conqueror’s Haki, it was Yamato who held the Yonko back from killing everyone in the skull dome. Yamato revealed the powers of the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami, which were nothing short of spectacular to look at.

With the Devil Fruit power and an advanced mastery over Haki, she was able to combat Kaido and hold him off in a very impressive manner. Yamato went toe to toe with the Yonko and this fight shortly delivered everything that fans had expected of it, and more. Not only did it elevate the character that is Yamato and explain the relationship that she shared with her father, but it also gave fans a look into the incredible power this monstrous character possessed.

18 Smoker Versus VergoOne-Piece-The-19-Best-Fights-In-The-Series-smoker-vs-virgo

Smoker and Vergo traded blows during the Punk Hazard arc of One Piece in what was quite a surprising fight for most fans. The two Navy Vice Admirals used the full extent of their abilities against each other and delivered what was an action-packed fight, especially in the anime.

With high-level Haki, some clever usage of Devil Fruit abilities, and incredible choreography, this fight stands out as one of One Piece’s best. Eventually, Smoker set up Law to take Vergo down by taking his heart back from Vergo.

17 Shanks Versus Kid

Shanks Versus Kid is one of the most incredible fights that took place in One Piece after the conclusion of the Wano arc, despite being one of the very shortest fights seen in One Piece. As soon as Kid was done with his adventure in Wano, he followed the Log Pose and, to his surprise, it took him to Elbaf. Before reaching this incredible island, Eustass Kid was confronted by the fleet of Red Haired Shanks and the two pirate groups ensued in combat.

Shanks immediately heard of it and realized that Kid had come for him. As expected, he went to confront Kid himself, fearing that his allies could be hurt. When Kid was about to destroy the vast majority of Shanks’ fleet, who are famously weak, Shanks sprung into action and took down Eustass Kid, a pirate worth 3 billion berries, in a single swing of his sword. What was even more exciting for the fans was the fact that Shanks was using the same technique that Roger used, meaning that he has inherited the finding style of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Shanks’ attack didn’t just take down Kid but Killer as well. The Giants of Elbaf, Dorry and Broggy, who fans are familiar with already, followed up and destroyed Victoria Punk. On this day, the Kid Pirates were utterly decimated.

16 Nami Vs Ms. Doublefinger

Nami’s fight against Ms. Doublefinger is quite an underrated one and is definitely one of One Piece’s best fights. Although Nami isn’t strong like the Monster Trio of the crew and is a part of the Weak Trio, her fights are almost always intriguing. She relies on her wits and her knowledge of science to best her enemies, and that’s precisely what she did against Ms. Doublefinger.

Despite having little to no skill in fighting, Nami overcame a massive obstacle, which made her fight even better. Furthermore, the stakes that the fight carried for the survival of the land of Alabasta made it all the better for fans to witness as Nami fought not just for herself, but for Vivi too.

15 Sanji Versus Jabra

One of Sanji’s biggest fights so far came against Jabra, during the Enies Lobby arc of One Piece. Jabra, being a master of the Rokushiki, was incredibly skilled and proved quite a challenge for Sanji to overcome.

To defeat him, Sanji had to tap into the powers of Diable Jambe, a technique that set his foot ablaze. With this power, he was able to finish Jabra off without much trouble. Thanks to Diable Jambe, Sanji got a lot stronger, and even became powerful enough to burn through the Iron Body of his enemies. Undoubtedly, this clash reigns as one of the best One Piece fights.

14 Nico Robin Versus Black Maria

Nico Robin is rarely ever seen fighting in One Piece. Before the Wano Country arc, her last major battle came during the Skypiea arc, where she fought Yama. Since then, Robin has had small skirmishes, such as the one with Hammond on Fishman Island.

The Wano Country arc changed all that though, when Robin fought Black Maria, a member of the Tobiroppo. Black Maria, being incredibly skilled, dominated the fight. However, Robin was able to use two new powers in Grande Fleur and then Demonio Fleur to overpower her and take her down in a crushing manner.

13 Zoro Versus King

Zoro’s fight against King in the Wano Country arc was destined to happen. When the two finally clashed with each other, it turned out to be anything but a dull affair. Zoro, despite being strong, was dominated by King throughout the battle and his own sword, Enma, refused to listen to him.

Eventually though, Zoro managed to get a grip on his sword and channeled the maximum amount of Haki through it. This allowed him to use both Ryou and Conqueror’s Haki through his swords. While King was certainly powerful, he wasn’t strong enough to take Zoro down.

12 The Scabbards Versus Kaido

The Nine Red Scabbards finally got a chance to take Kaido down after waiting 20 years to avenge Oden and the fight certainly lived up to all expectations. With incredible teamwork, they were able to deliver some serious injuries to Kaido, which is a big deal in itself.

What’s more, they followed it up with their Oden Two Sword Style attack, called Paradise Totsuka, which weakened Kaido quite a bit. Unfortunately, they didn’t have what it took to defeat Kaido and ended up failing in the end. However, their effort was commendable nonetheless, and certainly made for a great watch.

11 Ace Versus Blackbeard

Ace’s great search for Blackbeard finally ended on Banaro Island in the Grand Line, where the two fought to their heart’s content. The fight gave the fans a clear look at the abilities of both Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi and Blackbeard’s Yami Yami no Mi Devil Fruit abilities.

Ace threw everything that he had Blackbeard’s way and managed to injure him quite a lot as well; however, Blackbeard was simply on a different level compared to him. The fight ended in Ace’s failure, which triggered the biggest war in One Piece to date.

10 Sanji Versus Queen

Sanji’s first big fight since Enies Lobby came during the Wano Country arc, where he fought Queen the Plague, a man worth 1.32 billion berries. Sanji was able to deal with him fairly easily, but what made the fight interesting was the added tension due to Sanji’s past.

The fight made Sanji question his humanity as he awakened the hidden powers of the Vinsmoke Family. Eventually, he decided to destroy his Raid Suit and defeat Queen all on his own. Sanji awakened the power of Ifrit Jambe, and with it, was able to take Queen down in just a few kicks.

9 Luffy Vs Doflamingo

Luffy’s first major fight after the timeskip came against Doflamingo, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Doflamingo was quite powerful and certainly tested Luffy to his very limits. Luffy had to throw everything that he had at him in order to take him down. Although Luffy struggled against him initially, once he revealed his ace, which was Gear 4, Doflamingo stood absolutely no chance in battle.

Luffy utterly dominated him throughout the fight and it was quite clear that he was far superior. Fans got to see Luffy’s new Gear for the first time and to date, it remains an iconic fight that concluded with the fall of Doflamingo.

8 Zoro Versus Mr. 1​​​​

The best Zoro fights in the story came against Mr. 1 in the Alabasta arc. Having been met with a match for his power, Zoro tried his best to prove himself by cutting through Mr. 1 but failed initially.

With Mr. 1 holding an advantage in the battle, Zoro spent the majority of time on the back foot and suffered great injuries in the conflict. Thankfully, he managed to grasp the concept of the Breath of All Things, and learned how to cut steel. Immediately afterward, Zoro sliced Mr. 1 apart to win the battle.

7 Luffy Vs Crocodile

Luffy versus Crocodile is yet another incredible fight that fans were treated to in the Arabasta Saga. This saga saw the Straw Hat Pirates take on the Baroque Works and, naturally, since Crocodile was at the head of it all, Luffy confronted him in battle. Luffy lost to him twice, however, in the third fight, he succeeded in beating him.

This fight was incredibly cathartic and at the same time, intense. It saw Luffy succeed in his first test in the Grand Line and reach an unprecedented level where he gained a bounty of 100 million berries. The emotional weight behind this fight is certainly massive and fans love it to this day.

6 Worst Generation Vs Yonko

One of the One Piece’s best fights that the fans got to see in Wano came at the rooftop of Onigashima. In this fight, the Worst Generation members of Luffy, Law, Kid, Killer, and Zoro combined their strength against two Yonko in Kaido and Big Mom. This fight was incredibly exciting for the fans as the new generation clashed against the old one.

Luffy kicked off this battle with a powerful Red Roc and the action then got more intense with each passing chapter. At the end of this battle, the Yonko was successfully split up by the Worst Generation and taken on in individual battles. Luffy ended up defeating Kaido by himself while Kid and Law combined their forces to defeat Big Mom. Meanwhile, Zoro and Killer were demoted in terms of their opponents. Killer ended up fighting Hawkins while Zoro fought King.

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