One Piece stage at Jump Festa 2024: Schedule, where to stream, what to expect

With Jump Festa 2024 on the horizon, one of the most highly anticipated and largely discussed franchises set to appear at the event includes the One Piece anime and manga series. Author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda’s original manga series is a staple of big announcements and news at the event, with fans expecting this year to be no different.

Likewise, the current airing of the One Piece anime and the timing of the end of the current arc and the beginning of the next sets up Jump Festa 2024 for some major announcements. With the Wano arc’s final episode set to air around the time of the event, fans are excitedly expecting an Egghead Island arc trailer for the anime series to premiere at the Super Stage.

However, what One Piece is known for at the events prior to Jump Festa 2024 is its exciting messages from Oda, which often tease what’s on the docket for the next year of the manga. With these messages being a staple of the series’ Super Stage and something every fan looks forward to, it’s expected that this year will yet again feature this staple and more.

One Piece Jump Festa 2024 Super Stage set to preview Egghead Island arc for anime in some way

Schedule and where to stream

Jump Festa 2024 is set to be a two-day event from Saturday, December 16, 2023, through Sunday, December 17. The convention features two main stages, called the Red and Blue Stages, both of which are used on each day of the event. The One Piece’s panel will be on the Red Stage on the event’s second day, starting at 5:10 PM JST and being scheduled for 50 minutes. The panel will start at 1:40 PM IST on Sunday, and at 3:10 AM EST on Sunday locally.

The event also provides several ways to stream the various stages and events, all of which are official from Shueisha. The most accessible means of streaming the event will be through either Jump Festa’s official website or the event’s official YouTube channel. Fans can also stream the event through Jump Festa’s official Jump NAVI app, but the international availability of the app is limited relative to the aforementioned options.

What to expect

As mentioned above, it’s expected that the One Piece franchise will continue its yearly tradition for the event at Jump Festa 2024 by sharing a message from Oda regarding the manga’s future. While these messages can sometimes discuss the anime as well, the manga is usually their focus since Oda likes to set up what fans can expect in the coming year from the series.

That being said, a major anime announcement is expected to be made at the panel in the form of a trailer for the television anime adaptation of the series’ Egghead Island arc. While the presence of several voice actors for the Straw Hats would normally further suggest this, it’s typical for each Jump Festa event to host a majority of the central crew. As a result, there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that a trailer will be shared at the time of this article’s writing.

Nevertheless, fans are expecting Jump Festa 2024 to have significant information on both formats of the One Piece franchise, especially with the Wano arc ending around that time. Beyond these potential major announcements, the classic Straw Hat crew rendition of Binks’ Brew and a Q&A session with the cast about their recent work for the anime is also likely to be a focus.

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