One Piece episode 1084: The Straw Hats say their final goodbyes as they depart from Wano

One Piece episode 1084, titled Time to Depart – The Land of Wano and the Straw Hats, was released on Sunday, November 19, 2023. The episode brought the end of the Wano arc even closer, depicting Luffy and his companions bidding their last farewells to their allies as they prepare to leave Wano.

One Piece episode 1084 showed characters engaging in poignant conversations, creating a blend of both somber and joyful moments. While the residents of Wano expressed sadness over Luffy and his companions leaving, the episode beautifully illustrates the deep gratitude they harbor towards these heroes.

The Straw Hats depart Wano after saying their final goodbyes in One Piece episode 1084

Luffy visits Kaido’s crater

One Piece episode 1084 kicks off with the children of Wano delightfully savoring dumplings and red bean soup, creating an atmosphere of joy. We then see Luffy, who is standing in front of the crater left by Kaido, observing the aftermath of his devastating Bolo Breath that wiped Oden Castle off the map.

In a flashback, we then see how Oden built the castle after he became the Daimyo of Kuri. This is a beautiful moment where Luffy acknowledges Oden’s and his impact on Wano as he is joined by Oden’s retainers, Brooks, Carrot, Chopper, and Nami.

Oden’s retainers thank Luffy

They inform Luffy that they’ve arrived to share the news of their victory with Oden. This leads to a heartfelt moment where they reminisce about their fallen comrades. Okiku eloquently conveys that their comrades, along with Oden-sama, are alive in their hearts.

With a hint of optimism, Raizo suggests that perhaps in the afterlife, they are all enjoying a banquet. Nekomamushi fondly reminisces about Oden’s exceptional cooking skills and how they all used to relish his Oden together. Nami proposes asking Sanji to recreate the dish.

Denjiro inquires if Luffy is leaving, to which he says yes. In response, they all express gratitude to him for rescuing Wano from Kaido, bowing in appreciation. Luffy, however, insists they stop, emphasizing that they’re all friends.

Carrot says goodbye to the Straw Hats

Carrot embraces Luffy tightly, with tears in her eyes, expressing her reluctance to bid farewell to Nami and the others. She tearfully shares her decision to return to the Mokomo Dukedom and protect it alongside Wanda and the others. Meanwhile, Chopper also bids farewell to Miyagi and Tristan, who thank him for teaching them medicine.

Brooks then asks Carrot, seeing how she snuck onto Sunny to experience the sea, how she would rate her adventure. To this, she replied that she’d treasure the adventure for the rest of her life. She elaborated, saying that she got to see islands that she didn’t think existed and meet new people, with even the scarier moments of the adventure making her stronger.

With that, she gave them all her patent hug once again before stating that she saw Zoro on her way here.

Zoro visits Yasui and Pedro’s grave

One Piece episode 1084 then shows Zoro pouring sake onto the graves of Yasui and Pedro. He then takes a seat to share a drink with his fallen comrades. Shortly thereafter, Toko joins him and lends a hand in pouring sake. Hiyori then enters the scene as well, with the three of them sharing a moment together.

Toko prays that once the nice temple is built for her father, she will come and visit him every day so that he doesn’t get lonely. Hiyori then asks Zoro if the time for his departure has come, which Zoro confirms. She expresses that she will miss him, and his goodbye means that she’ll also have to part with her father’s Enma.

After sitting in silence for a while, Zoro bluntly says that she can’t have Enma back, to which Hiyori just laughs. Zoro then relays that during his fight with Kaido, where he slashed Kaido with Enma and rescued Luffy, Kaido was able to sense that Zoro was using Oden’s sword.

Zoro says that he respects Oden because he managed to master Enma, to which Hiyori replied that he protected Wano with that sword, which is equally impressive. However, Zoro once vowed to become stronger so that he could wield Enma like Oden.

Remaining Straw Hats and their escapades

One Piece episode 1084 then shows Franky’s boss bickering with him because he fixed the Thousand Sunny in such an impeccable manner that he had nothing to repair anymore. Even though they are bickering, it’s clear that they both care a lot about each other, as they both started to cry while saying goodbye.

We then see Usopp picking his clothes and asking the dresser to make him plain black clothes, whispering in his ears the reason, which the audience unfortunately doesn’t get to learn.

Meanwhile, Sanji is seen selling soba when the geisha named Some approaches him. She thanks Sanji for saving her during the Raid at Onigashima, and it is clear she has feelings for Sanji, who, on the other hand, is quite oblivous. He informs her that he is leaving soon before becoming distracted by Robin’s arrival.

Luffy fulfills his promise to Tama

One Piece episode 1084 then shifts to Okobore town, where people are busy with the construction of new houses. Otsuru brings the workers red bean soup, giving Tama and Luffy a bowl as well. Tama prays and begins to eat, while Luffy tells her to eat as much as she wants, which is a callback to the promise he made her.

However, Tama stops eating and says that whenever she thinks that she will have to say goodbye to Luffy here, she feels like there is a lump in her throat. She then reminisces that Ace, her Big Bro, and all the people she loves leave her one day.

Luffy replies that she gave him her precious rice, and he will never forget this act of kindness. Tama grows lively again and says she will never forget about her Big bro and the others either.

Luffy then takes her leave, and as he is walking away, Tama sees Ace in Luffy yet again, causing tears to well up in her eyes as she thanks him again and promises that one day she too will grow as strong as him and Ace.

Straw Hats board their ship

One Piece episode 1084 ends with Straw Hat and the others boarding their ships. Before boarding the ship, Chopper gifts Beppo what fans assume is an improved version of his Rumble Balls, which will be of immense significance later on in the plot. However, Chopper states that he can’t guarantee whether they’ll work.

With everything ready to set sail, Nami asks Luffy if it’s a good idea to leave this way without saying Momonosuke and Kin’emon goodbye. In response, Luffy tells them not to worry because he has confidence that Momonosuke will come. With this, One Piece episode 1084 paves the way for Momo and Luffy to meet for one last time in the upcoming episode.

One Piece episode 1083 recap

One Piece episode 1083 saw Sukiyaki reveal himself to the Nine Red Scabbards. On the other hand, the mantle of leadership for Mokomo’s Dukemon was given to Carrot, with Inuarashi and Nekomamushi announcing that they’ve decided to stay in Wano Country.

The episode also saw Robin confirm the presence of the ancient weapon Pluton in Wano, with Luffy deciding not to uncover the weapon. On top of that, Kid revealed to the allied pirate crews that Buggy has formed a new criminal organization, that too in collaboration with Mihawk and Crocodile, known as the Cross Guild.

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