One Piece episode 1084 gives Zoro and Wano the conclusion the manga never could

One Piece episode 1084 marked the finale of the Wano arc, surprising fans with numerous anime-original scenes that elevated the overall narrative. Unlike the manga’s seemingly rushed conclusion, this episode addressed the lack of closure, particularly for main crew members like Zoro and prominent characters like Toko and Hiyori.

The poignant farewells extended to Carrot and the characters from the arc’s inception set it apart. Notably, the One Piece anime will not have a filler arc post-Wano, transitioning seamlessly into the Egghead Island arc, promising a continuous and engaging storyline for viewers.

Disclaimer- This article contains spoilers for the One Piece series.

One Piece episode 1084: A better finale than the manga

The Wano arc, spanning four years from its inception in 2019, emerged as one of the most iconic and impactful storylines in the One Piece series. However, despite its brilliance, the manga’s conclusion left fans with a sense of dissatisfaction.

The hurried resolution failed to provide closure for the main crew members, including Zoro, and neglected crucial characters such as Hiyori, Otama, and the Nine Red Scabbards. This left fans complaining about a rushed and inadequately executed ending.

Addressing these concerns, One Piece episode 1084, which premiered on November 19, 2023, stands out as a beacon of redemption for the Wano arc. The episode predominantly consists of anime-original scenes, and among them, Zoro’s storyline takes center stage, offering a conclusion that the manga couldn’t deliver. The episode features Luffy reflecting on his time in Wano while visiting the now-ruined castle of Oden.

The Nine Red Scabbards approach Luffy, expressing their gratitude and bowing down to him, acknowledging the impact he had on Wano’s fate, even as he departs. A pivotal moment then shifts the focus to Zoro, who, in an entirely anime-original scene, visits the graves of Yasuie and Pedro, pouring sake as a mark of respect.

In a poignant conversation with Hiyori and Toko, Zoro reflects on his journey in Wano. Hiyori expresses her sentiments, conveying how she will miss Zoro, and acknowledges the need to bid farewell to Enma, Oden’s sword now wielded by Zoro. The conversation unveils Kaido’s recognition of Enma, emphasizing Oden’s mastery of the sword and Zoro’s determination to surpass him.

Zoro’s admission that saving Wano with Enma wasn’t enough fuels a promise to become stronger and wield the legendary sword more proficiently. This revelation and interaction provide the closure fans yearned for, offering a relatively well-crafted and emotionally resonant ending to the Wano arc.

The episode ended with Luffy setting sail while reminiscing about his time in Wano and claiming that Momonosuke would come to give them a farewell. Overall the episode ended up being better than the somewhat rushed ending of the Wano arc in the manga.

Final thoughts

One Piece episode 1084 emerges as a much-needed remedy for the dissatisfaction lingering from the manga’s hurried Wano arc conclusion. Episode 1085 will conclude Wano and begin the Egghead Island arc seamlessly. The promise of a filler-free transition heightens expectations for what lies ahead in the captivating world of One Piece.

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