One Piece: 9 Strongest Characters In Egghead War


  • The Egghead Island arc in One Piece kicks off the Final Saga with a major war between the Straw Hat Pirates and a navy fleet led by Admiral Kizaru.
  • Characters like Kaku, Jinbe, Lucci, and the Seraphims will play significant roles in the arc, showcasing their intense powers and abilities.
  • Luffy, the newly appointed Yonko, is among the strongest characters on Egghead Island and will undoubtedly make a big impact in the upcoming Egghead War.

One Piece has officially entered its Final Saga and the very first arc that the fans are treated with is the Egghead Island arc. As has been teased already, the biggest event in the Egghead Island Arc is the Egghead Incident which sees a navy fleet of 100 ships led by Admiral Kizaru, with Saint Jaygarcia Saturn onboard, take on the Straw Hat Pirates on Egghead Island.

Of course, this is going to be a major war and there are several powerful players involved who will light up the arc and give fans a taste of what is to come in the Final War.

9 Kaku

Kaku is a member of the CP0 and fans already saw him in action in Egghead Island when he took on Roronoa Zoro. Kaku is a user of the Rokushiki arts of the Cipher Pol and, at the same time, he also has access to powerful Haki.

Furthermore, Kaku has his giraffe Devil Fruit and he has also managed to awaken it. With his newfound abilities, he can take on several powerful enemies and is surely among the strongest characters on Egghead Island.

8 Jinbe

Jinbe is the Helmsman of the Straw Hat Crew and among the most feared and respected pirates in the entire world. His bounty of 1.1 billion batteries speaks for itself and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any fan that Jinbe is considered to be one of the strongest on Egghead Island.

Naturally, a character with pedigree such as his is going to play a major role in the Egghead War and fans certainly cannot wait to see what he has in store.

7 Lucci

Lucci Is the strongest member of the CP0 that the fans know of. He is a powerful leopard Zoan Devil Fruit user, and has a very strong Haki. At the same time, Lucci has also awakened his Devil Fruit and his powers were great enough for him to force Luffy to go to Gear 5.

Lucci is quite powerful and he will surely put his mark on the Egghead Island Arc as the story proceeds towards the war.

6 Seraphims

The Seraphims are the ultimate creation of Dr. Vegapunk and they are the clones of the former Warlords of the Sea. They are further powered up with Green Blood, which gives them Devil Fruit abilities and, at the same time, Lunarian Lineage Factor, which makes all of them Lunarians.

The Seraphims are still kids, which means they are far from reaching their full potential, however, they are already strong enough to take on some of the very mightiest characters in the series, such as Yonko Luffy.

5 Sanji

Sanji is one of the most useful members of the Straw Hat Pirates and he is one of Luffy’s two Wings. When it comes to fighting prowess, Sanji is among the very best in the crew and his bounty of 1.032 billion berries goes to show for it.

Sanji is exceptionally strong, capable of taking on Yonko Commanders and stronger enemies with ease. He has already been important in the Egghead Island arc and he will continue to do so and the Egghead War as well, as the story proceeds towards it.

4 Zoro

The combatant of the Straw Hat Crew, Zoro is a master swordsman with a bounty of 1.111 billion berries on his head. Zoro is exceptionally skilled in the way of the sword and he possesses enough power to go head-to-head with the strongest of foes.

While Zoro is certainly not the strongest on Egghead Island, he is certainly a character who can instill fear in others with a mere glance. With his newfound control over Emma and abilities such as Conqueror’s Haki, Zoro can surely leave a mark in the Egghead War.

3 Kizaru

Kizaru is one of the three Admirals of the Navy and that automatically makes him one of the strongest characters in the entire series. He has a Logia type of Devil Fruit that allows him to turn into light as well as produce and manipulate it as he likes.

He also has an intangible body and, at the same time, he has powerful Haki. He has a bounty of 3 Crowns, which is equal to 3 billion berries and this just goes to show that he is among the very elites of the One Piece world.

2 Jaygarcia Saturn

Jaygarcia Saturn is one of the Five Elders and, as seen recently, he possesses Devil Fruit powers as well. He is the Warrior God of Science and Defense and while his full capabilities remain unknown, it can be said that he’s exceptionally powerful when it comes to combat.

Fans will hopefully see Saturn utilize his powers in the Egghead War and show everyone the true potential of the Five Elders of the One Piece world.

1 Luffy

The newly appointed Yonko of the Sea, Luffy is the strongest character on Egghead Island and he will most certainly be the strongest in the Egghead War as well.

Luffy is exceptionally powerful and he possesses immense control over his Devil Fruit ability, having even awakened it recently. Furthermore, Luffy has pushed his Haki to the very extreme and fans also got a display of that during the Wano arc. Undoubtedly, Luffy is going to shake the entire world by taking part in the Egghead War.

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