Genderbent One Piece Cosplays Spotlight Sisterly Love

The sibling bond between Portgas D. Ace and Monkey D. Luffy shines in a pair of stunning genderswapped One Piece cosplays.

Uploaded on Reddit, the costumes recreate the two infamous pirates’ appearance, giving their outfits a feminine edge. They also feature the characters’ signature headwear — Luffy’s iconic straw hat and Ace’s orange cowboy hat.

Other fan favorites from Eiichiro Oda’s long-running masterpiece have also inspired recent gender-bending cosplays. In particular, the Desert King, Sir Crocodile, has been the inspiration for several examples, including one that gives off big boss energy and another that is captioned “Luffy’s Mom.” A prominent theory in the One Piece fandom asserts that the former Warlord of the Sea and the would-be ruler of Arabasta is a transgender man as well as the future King of the Pirate’s other parent alongside Monkey D. Dragon. The idea is built on a myriad of evidence, including Sir Crocodile’s actions during the Summit War and his relationship with Okama Kingdom leader Emporio Ivankov — whose Devil Fruit powers allow him to control hormones.

First appearing in Shueisha’s Weekly Sh┼Źnen Jump in 1997, Oda’s ongoing One Piece series stands as the unrivaled best-selling manga of all time, and Vol. 103 recently claimed a top spot on the New York Times Bestsellers list for graphic books. The mangaka has confirmed that the story, which features over 1,000 individual chapters so far, entered its final saga with the beginning of the “Egghead” arc; he also stated that he wants to have fun with the finale, explaining, “I think I’ve reached a point where I can do whatever I want.”

There’s More for One Piece Fans to Be Excited About

One Piece fans have more to be excited about than just the narrative’s epic conclusion and impressive instances of cosplay. For example, Netflix’s live-action adaptation of Oda’s work is slated to premiere at the end of the month. A slew of promotional material has teased what the new show has in store, with a behind-the-scenes photo notably providing a glimpse of Luffy’s Devil Fruit.

Moreover, ONE PIECE ON ICE ~Episode of Alabasta~, the ice skating show that depicts the events of the eponymous storyline, is currently in the middle of its premiere run in Japan. The production features many talented skaters with Olympic silver medalist Shoma Uno leading the cast.

The One Piece manga is distributed in North America by VIZ Media, while the anime adaptation by Toei Animation is available to stream on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

Source: Reddit

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