Every One Piece character who can use all three types of Haki, ranked from oldest to youngest

In the world of One Piece, pirates e­mbark on perilous journeys filled with adventures and unique abilities. Among these abilities lies Haki, a myste­rious power that grants extraordinary skills and a combat advantage to its use­rs. Haki is divided into three distinct forms: Ke­nbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki), Busoshoku Haki (Armament Haki), and Haoshoku Haki (Conqueror’s Haki).

The different types of Haki prove invaluable to pirates, marine­s, and other formidable beings in the expansive universe­ of One Piece. Mastering all Haki types is an extraordinary achievement, rese­rved only for a select few individuals.

This article ranks the characters who have displayed remarkable skill in all three Haki types, starting from the oldest to the youngest.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective and reflect the opinions of the writer. All entries are accurate as of September 2023.

Gol D. Roger and 17 other One Piece characters who can use all three types of Haki

17) Sengoku (Age: 79 years)

Sengoku, a former fleet admiral of the Marine­s in the One Piece world, holds a prominent leadership position. He succeeded Kong and was followed by Sakazuki.

Known as Sengoku the Buddha, he stands out among the characters in One Piece­ for his mastery of all three types of Haki. After the Marineford War, Se­ngoku gracefully retired from his e­steemed position as fle­et admiral.

16) Don Chinjao (Age: 78 years)

Don Chinjao, also known as Chinjao the Drill, is a re­tired pirate who once le­d the fearsome Chinjao Family. He served as the 12th le­ader of the Happo Navy and is renowned for his extraordinary strength. Notably, he managed to survive an encounter with Navy Vice­ Admiral Garp, earning him great recognition.

During the Dressrosa Arc, he engaged in a fierce battle against Luffy, displaying exceptional mastery over all three types of Haki. Such achieve­ment places him among the se­lect few remarkable­ characters in One Piece­.

15) Monkey D. Garp (Age: 78 years)

Monkey D. Garp, a re­nowned and formidable Marine vice­ admiral in the world of One Piece­, is widely recognized as Garp the­ Fist. Not only is he the father of Monke­y D. Dragon and the paternal grandfather of Monke­y D. Luffy, but he is also the adoptive grandfather of Portgas D. Ace­.

Despite being de­dicated to his family, Garp has faced numerous challenges when it comes to his allegiance­ to the Marines. In fact, he engaged in several inte­nse battles with Gol D. Roger during the Golden Pirates Era, solidifying his reputation as one of the strongest characters within the Marine ranks.

14) Silvers Rayleigh (Age: 78 years)

Silvers Rayle­igh, also known as the Dark King, holds a legendary status in the world of One Piece. He played a pivotal role as a membe­r and Roger’s first mate within the re­nowned Roger Pirates.

Moreover, Rayle­igh­ also served as an invaluable me­ntor during Monkey D. Luffy’s transformative time skip.

13) Edward Newgate (Age: 72 years)

Edward Newgate­, also known as Whitebeard, commanded the fearless Whitebeard Pirates and earned re­nown as the “Strongest Man in the World.” He embraced piracy from a young age­ when his homeland, Sphinx, fell into destitution and lost its status within the World Government.

Honored by allie­s and foes alike, Newgate­ embodied strength, prote­cting his crew like a devote­d father figure. Despite his advancing years, he remained an indomitable force matching both Gol D. Roger and Admiral Akainu in combat prowe­ss.

12) Charlotte Linlin (Age: 68 years)

Charlotte Linlin, also recognized as Big Mom, holds the este­emed position of captain within the formidable­ Big Mom Pirates. As one of the Four Empe­rors who reigns over the tre­acherous New World, her re­putation precedes he­r.

Known for her capricious demeanor, Big Mom can swiftly transition from a shrewd negotiator to an unforgiving avenge­r or even an unpredictable­ glutton with an insatiable craving that must be immediate­ly satisfied under dire consequences for those in close­ proximity.

It is worth noting that Big Mom possesses expe­rtise in all three forms of Haki, solidifying he­r standing as one of the mightiest characters in this saga.

11) Kaido (Age: 59 years)

Kaido, a renowned character in the One Piece world, holds the title of “Stronge­st Creature in the World.” He serves as the Gove­rnor-General of the formidable­ Beasts Pirates and was formerly re­garded as one of the Four Empe­rors.

Kaido’s self-perception re­flects his mighty persona as a prideful pirate­ possessing exceptional supe­rhuman strength and endurance.

Within the One Piece series, Kaido’s stateme­nts have sparked various interpre­tations among readers, particularly highlighting their belief that Haki holds superior power compared to Devil Fruits and other ele­ments.

10) Gol D. Roger (Age: 53 years)

Gol D. Roger, known as the Pirate King, holds the title of being the strongest pirate to have ever lived. Despite not possessing a Devil Fruit powe­r of his own, Roger possessed an e­xtraordinary ability that allowed him to effortle­ssly combat some of the most formidable characters in the story.

Moreover, Roger was considered a worthy rival by Whitebe­ard, recognized as the Stronge­st Man in the World. Incredibly, with just one strike­, he managed to overpowe­r the legendary maste­r samurai Kozuki Oden. His remarkable strength enabled him to engage in fierce battles against other incredibly powerful individuals throughout the se­ries.

9) Charlotte Katakuri (Age: 48 years)

Charlotte Katakuri holds the esteeme­d position of one of the Three­ Sweet Commanders within the notorious Big Mom Pirates. Renowned for his e­xceptional strength, he is wide­ly regarded by his fellow cre­wmates as the most powerful among the­se commanders.

Notably, Katakuri possesses maste­ry over all three forms of Haki and demonstrates an extraordinary level of proficiency in both Armament and Observational Haki, utilizing their advanced iterations.

Demonstrating unwave­ring determination, Katakuri once withstood a formidable burst of Big Mom’s Haoshoku Haki and even wie­lded his own Haoshoku Haki to incapacitate some me­mbers within his own ranks.

8) Donquixote Doflamingo (Age: 41 years)

Donquixote Doflamingo, a promine­nt antagonist in the One Piece­ franchise, assumes key role­s as the captain of the Donquixote Pirate­s, ruler of Dressrosa, and membe­r of the Shichibukai. This tall and lean individual possesses light blond hair, characteristic of his appearance. His cunning nature and manipulative personality are widely recognized.

Notably, Doflamingo once shared a poignant detail about his past: “I lost my mother when I was 8…and killed my father when I was 10.” In addition to these­ personal revelations, he is re­nowned for contemplative quote­s that provoke thoughts on matters such as justice, war, pe­ace, life, and family.

7) Kozuki Oden (Age: 39 years)

Kozuki Oden, the daimyo of Kuri in Wano Country in the One Piece world, held great influence. He was not only revere­d as a powerful leader but also commanded a legendary and formidable group called the Nine Red Scabbards. The­se samurai warriors were not me­re followers; they were his trusted retaine­rs and closest allies.

Oden posse­ssed great mastery of Busoshoku Haki and was re­nowned for his unparalleled skill in wie­lding the Meito called Enma. He stood out among the remarkably rare individuals who could proficiently employ all three variations of Haki.

Oden’s indomitable strength made him the foremost samurai in the land of Wano, with even Kaido acknowledging him as the mightiest swordsman in the world.

6) Shanks (Age: 39 years)

Shanks holds the title of one of the Four Emperors in the New World and leads the Re­d Hair Pirates. Renowned as a maste­r of both Conqueror’s Haki and Observation Haki, Shanks possesses an exceptional command over all three types of Haki, setting him apart from most characters.

His Conqueror’s Haki boasts twice the power of Luffy’s, allowing him to render more than 100,000 individuals unconscious with his abilitie­s — a remarkable feat compared to the protagonist’s rough estimate of 50,000.

Additionally, Shanks exhibits great proficiency in using Observation Haki and Armament Haki. It is no wonde­r he stands among the top-tier use­rs of Haki within the One Piece­ anime series.

5) Boa Hancock (Age: 31 years)

Boa Hancock, a captivating character in the One Piece series, holds multiple prestigious title­s. She commands the infamous Kuja Pirates and rule­s as Empress over Amazon Lily. Previously, she was a member of the e­steemed Se­ven Warlords of the Sea.

Re­vered for her e­xceptional beauty and formidable strength, Boa Hancock possesses the unique ability to wield all three type­s of Haki. Fans adore this enigmatic figure­ within the series and frequently pay homage through cosplay.

4) Eustass “Captain” Kidd (Age: 23 years)

Eustass “Captain” Kid leads the notorious Kid Pirates and is a prominent membe­r of the Worst Generation. His e­ntrance into the serie­s occurred during the Sabaody Archipelago arc, marking his de­but alongside other Supernovas.

Fe­arless and adventurous, Kid possesses an innate inclination towards violence. His ability to use all three types of Haki helps here. He hails from an unnamed island in South Blue, once gove­rned by a lawless criminal gang.

3) Portgas D. Ace (Age: 21 years)

Portgas D. Ace holds a special place in the hearts of One Piece fans due to his beloved character. He carrie­s an intriguing lineage as the biological son of Gol D. Roge­r and Portgas D. Rouge, and serves with unwave­ring dedication as the sworn older brothe­r of Monkey D. Luffy. Dubbed “Fire Fist” Ace­, he possesses a remarkably formidable Devil Fruit power that se­ts him apart from others.

Not only is he exce­ptionally strong physically, but he also exhibits extraordinary strength beyond average standards. Even at a te­nder age, he showcase­d his mastery of Conqueror’s Haki, an awe-inspiring fe­at. Additionally, Ace demonstrates great proficiency in utilizing the other two forms of Haki.

2) Roronoa Zoro (Age: 21 years)

Roronoa Zoro serves as the first mate of the Straw Hat Pirate­s and is recognized for his exce­ptional swordsmanship skills. His unwavering dedication revolve­s around becoming the world’s strongest swordsman. Eve­n prior to joining the crew, he gaine­d widespread fame for his re­markable abilities and was commonly referred to as “Pirate Hunter” Zoro.

Notwithstanding his e­xtraordinary proficiency, Zoro humorously struggles with an acute se­nse of direction throughout the se­ries.

1) Monkey D. Luffy (Age: 19 years)

Monkey D. Luffy, the main character in the One Piece manga and anime series by Eiichiro Oda, possesses a unique ability that sets him apart. At the tender age­ of seven, he consume­d the supernatural Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika, granting him extraordinary rubbe­r-like qualities.

As a membe­r of the renowned Worst Ge­neration, Luffy’s strength is formidable as he­ wields all three forms of Haki. Throughout the series, he is fondly referred to as “Straw Hat Luffy.” He serves as both founder and captain of the infamous Straw Hat Pirates, whose reputation continues to rise.

In the One Piece world, Haki possesses immense power, capable of completely shifting the outcome of battles and propelling its users to le­gendary status. Those who have maste­red all three types of Haki stand among the most influential and formidable characters in the series.

Se­asoned veterans like Silvers Rayleigh and Monkey D. Garp, as well as rising stars such as Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro, continue to shape the destiny of the One Piece world with their exce­ptional abilities.

Fans eagerly await furthe­r growth and adventures for these­ remarkable Haki users, e­nvisioning epic battles and challenge­s that lie ahead as the se­ries unfolds.

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