One Piece Episode 1086: What to expect

With the Straw Hats having officially departed from Wano in as chaotic a fashion as they entered, fans are excited to see what One Piece Episode 1086 offers in terms of storyline. With the Wano arc still technically ongoing as of the upcoming installment of the television anime series, fans are unsure of what to…

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One Piece theory reveals how the Egghead Incident will end in a shocking mutiny against the World Government

The One Piece manga is currently in the middle of the Egghead Island arc, a storyline that has sparked fervent speculation among fans. Recently, X (formerly Twitter) user @3SkullJoe proposed the intriguing “Egghead Incident” theory, exploring the potential revelations and consequences within the narrative. This theory delves into the Ohara scholars’ discoveries, connecting ancient weapons,…

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One Piece might have already revealed who the ‘Man Marked by Flames’ is in God Valley flashback

The world of One Piece is filled with intriguing mysteries and enigmatic characters, and one such figure that has captured the imagination of fans is the “Man Marked by Flames”. This mysterious individual, rumored to possess the last remaining Road Poneglyph, has become the subject of intense speculation and theories within the One Piece community….

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